R&D IDI Performance

We are dedicated to bringing the Navistar/IH 6.9 and 7.3 diesel into the modern world of diesel performance. Not only is it our goal to explore the realities of the platform but to maximize it, and take it to its limit. We provide the products to make that happen!

Pushing the IDI
limits since 2012

Pushing the limits of what is possible with the IDI and IDIT platform.

For years the 6.9 IDI, and the 7.3 IDI was the top engine that you could get in a lite-duty truck. Advancements in the diesel industry and the push from consumers purchasing newer trucks with newer engines made the 6.9 IDI and the 7.3 IDI outdated. Or so everyone thought. Through a passion for these older trucks and diesel's, R&D IDI Performance was built. We stand at the forefront of what is really possible within the IDI platform. Pushing boundaries, and innovating in ways previously not thought possible.

We offer custom engine builds, as well as parts for your stock IDI or IDIT. We also offer upgraded parts for your IDI so that you can get more power out of your beloved workhorse. Your support allows us to continue pushing the limits of what is possible in this platform.