R&D Turbocharger Kit (Intercooled, formerly Stage 3)
December 14, 2019

R&D IDI converted 7.3 PSD Connecting rods


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In the 7.3 Power stroke realm, the factory forged connecting rods have a good reputation as a durable upgrade over the Powdered metal rods found in later 7.3’s. Similar to the IDIT rod, the R&D converted rods offer a larger beam cross-section than the N/A rod, but with the added benefit of larger 7/16″ rod bolts. These are bar none, the strongest rod available for the IDI. Rods come bare media blasted, with new wrist pin bushings, and a complete resize on both the big and small ends.

-Engine Rotating assembly Balance required

-Turbo Pistons required



Additional information
Wrist Pin Size

NA (1.110"), Turbo (1.308")

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