R&D Turbocharger Kit (Intercooled, formerly Stage 3)
December 14, 2019

R&D Piston Ring Pack


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July 2022- Due to supply shortages and inconsistency, R&D ring packs are special order. Please inquiry about availability direct.

IDI’s have a huge 2nd ring gap from the factory. The intent by the engineers was better ring seal by regulating crankcase pressure via the CDR valve, and a large 2nd ring gap to increase top compression ring sealing. After the engines start to wear, the balance gets thrown off, and results in excessive blow by, and worse, crankcase pressure that blows every seal in the engine. Eliminate that issue from the beginning with total seal second compression rings. Eliminating the big ring gap makes both compression rings function together to create the best ring seal possible, eliminating the ring gap on the second ring goes even further, a nearly complete combustion seal.

The R&D ring pack is a complete set of rings available for both Non-Turbo and IDIT.



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Bore Size

Stock 6.9 (4.000"), .020" over 6.9 (4.020"), Stock 7.3 (4.110"), .020" over 7.3 (4.130"), Stock IDIT (4.110"), .020 IDIT (4.130")

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