RD4-130 Injection Pump
March 15, 2020
RD2-90 Injection Pump
March 15, 2020

RD2-110 Injection Pump


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The RD2-110 is where things start to get a little more performance oriented. The 110 basically has all the upgrades that the RD4 pumps have in regards to internal upgrades for strength, a larger cam pin (To avoid breakage at high load), a roller input thrust bearing (To prevent the pump from eating itself under load via the timing gear), and a bunch of time tuning in the optimal fuel curve for a large volume 2 plunger pump, while utilizing a more common .31 plunger 7.3 Hydraulic head assembly and upgraded fuel components.

-Not Recommended for factory based turbos, or the older style turbocharger kits (Custom turbos and The R&D Stage 1 drop in are fine)

-Head Studs required

-Intercooler recommended

** If you send a valid 7.3 pump core in upfront (Before you order, not after you get the new pump) you get a $100 discount on list price.

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