R&D Hotside Turbocharger Kit (Formerly Stage 1)
February 26, 2020
RD4-150 Injection Pump
March 15, 2020

RD4-MOD Injection Pump


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Formerly the RD4-180, the RD4-MOD (Maxed Out DB-Pump) is as far as things get with a DB2 automotive style governor. Its a full tilt pump, with all the upgrades that can be done. Full fuel capability is beyond 500whp with the correct supporting mods. While it an be street driven, each pump is its own animal, and may not be the most street friendly unit. This pump is only for those who want maximum fuel out of a DB rotary pump for their IDI. Peak fueling is ~230-240cc, with 175-200cc@2800 RPM, however, more may be achieved depending on the quality if the parts from the factory, pump is optimized for fuel at 2800RPM (Horsepower peak). All RD4 pumps include a brand new hydraulic head assembly.

-For full tilt setups, user should understand their level.

-All the upgrades required.

** Dynamic timing locked out, must advance injection pump gear at least one tooth to achieve desired base timing.

Price includes core. Core is refunded when core is shipped back.

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