R&D Turbocharger Kit (Intercooled, formerly Stage 3)
December 14, 2019

R&D Handbuilt Injectors

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R&D Handbuilt Injectors are brand new units that we assemble in house with attention to detail unrivaled in the IDI injector market. All injectors are individually assembled by hand and pop tested to within 50psi of each other, all while analyzing the spray characteristics assuring a quality controlled project. The injectors are assembled with brand new parts to maintain consistency. All injectors are set to 1900psi as a buffer for eventual settling in the 1700psi range. 1700 psi is where the injection pumps are calibrated at, so the end goal is consistent to the test plan the pump was originally calibrated to flow as.

Stock injectors utilize a stock nozzle based on the characteristics of the “BB code” nozzles of the past.

Stage 1 injectors are the only injector on the market with proven gains on the Dyno. Utilizing a larger nozzle orifice, the Stage 1 takes advantage of the benefits offered in the Stock Injectors, while pulling a little more fuel out of the injection pump for increased power and torque.

No Core required.

Prices are for a set of 8.


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Stock Replacement, Stage 1

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for R&D Handbuilt Injectors

  1. Michael Burma

    Ordered a set of stock injectors fall of 2019.
    Arrived in time and packaged well.
    What a huge difference across the board. No excessive black smoke at start up and idle. Smooth increaced powerband.
    Better cold start. (Mn)
    Look forward to purchasing a RD-80 IP.
    Very satisfied with customer relations and product.

  2. Luke (verified owner)

    I ordered the stock set of injectors for my 1990 F350 because it had a bad knock in the engine, after installing the set of R&D injectors I immediately noticed that the knock was gone and that the truck had a lot more power and throttle response.
    I also noticed that I went from 12 mpg to 16 mpg on the freeway.
    I would definitely recommend these injectors to anyone with a older 7.3 or 6.9 who is trying to get more power and better fuel economy.

  3. Anonymous

    May be knowledgeable, but very rude. 3 out of the 8 injectors needed re threading due to burs. I HAD to fix his mistake. Not worth it I would have went somewhere else. Quality is a gamble

    • Justin Anderson

      You were pissed because you couldn’t install rails properly, and then made up the accusation that the injectors were put in a vice before shipping, which is laughable. You were told that if the damage occurred in shipping, that it was covered under warranty.

  4. Michael Kline (verified owner)

    I got the stage 1 injectors, they are as advertised. The quality is second to none. I will definitely be purchasing another 2 sets to put on my self for the future.

  5. Justin (verified owner)

    Finally got a set of stage 1 injectors. Just because I’m picky I tested all of them before installing and I just have to say WOW in all 8 my pop tester showed the same psi pop. Witch tells me Justin put a good amount of time into setting these up. Great product and will definitely be purchasing more products

  6. Robert

    Got a set of these and have had no issues in the last 15k miles. Buy from here ONLY same with the injection pump. Well worth it.
    Thanks again!

  7. Cortlin (verified owner)

    Wicked awesome! Thank you Justin for your quick responses and fast shipping can’t wait to get these heifers installed!

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