R&D Turbocharger Kit (Intercooled, formerly Stage 3)
December 14, 2019

R&D Turbocharger Kit (Non-intercooled, formerly Stage 2)


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The non-intercooled turbocharger kit utilizes a plenum to route the intake charge to the manifold. It includes the R&D intake manifold as part of the kit and comes complete with the turbocharger (Option of the Stage 1 or 2 based on total fueling). Also included is a glow plug controller relocation bracket (Late 6.9/7.3 style), and crankcase ventilation provision. The turbocharger kit includes a high flow induction package, as well as downpipe.

-The Stage 1 Turbo is sized for engines running up to the size of an RD2-110 Injection pump (Though its recommended to run the Stage 2 with the RD2-110).

-The Stage 2 Turbo is sized for engines running RD2-90 pumps and above (Though its recommended to run a Stage 1 turbo with the RD2-90), The Stage 2 will work with a stock injection pump, but turbo response will decrease dramatically.


****Please allow up to 1 to 2 weeks for shipping fulfillment, Turbo kits require more time to pack and ship due to complexity****


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