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March 15, 2020
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February 11, 2021

RD2-80 Injection Pump

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The RD2-80 Injection pump is the little brother to the RD2-90 pump. With a fuel curve optimized for turbocharged trucks without head studs, The 80 peaks out between 85 and 90cc at 1400RPM, settling at 80cc at 2800RPM. With a De-Fuel at 3800 RPM, the RD2-80 has extra ceiling over a turned up stock pump.

-Not Recommended on non-turbocharged trucks.

-Good upgrade over the factory turbo pump on stock based turbocharged trucks.

Price includes core. Core is refunded when core is shipped back.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for RD2-80 Injection Pump

  1. Michael Burma

    1994 7.3 factory turbo idi. (230k)
    Previously installed R n D new stock injectors fall 2019.
    March 2020 purchased RD2-80 IP.
    Received in well packaged condition.
    Installed and after a few crank cycles fired up.
    After a few days of test drives and a few mild 30-40 degrees starts, I observed following:
    My truck fires up instantly. (Yes it’s possible)
    It produces no visible smoke unless I floor it.
    Has significantly more power and can definitely feel the higher 500 rpm ceiling.
    I am extremely satisfied with this pump and matched my stock turbo truck perfectly.
    I had a few timing questions and Justin was very helpful and responded in a timely manner. (Pun intended)
    I returned here because the injectors I purchased were high quality and performed as promised.

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    94 f350 7.3 IDI ATS 093 factory turbo
    6 months and 20k miles later since install, this pump hasn’t missed a beat. I often drive a hundred miles a day with a heavy foot. The power and torque increase is quite noticeable as well.

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