RD2-80 Injection Pump
March 15, 2020

RD2-HPNA Injection Pump


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The RD2-HPNA Injection pump is a perfomance based model for Non-Turbocharged Trucks. The HPNA provides a near flat fueling curve of 70cc across the board. With a De-Fuel at 3800 RPM, the RD2-HPNA has extra ceiling over a the 3400 RPM De-Fuel of the stock pump.

-Slight fueling boost for non-turbocharged trucks.

-Can be adjusted into the RD2-80 calibration for future turbocharged applications.

* Pyrometer highly recommended.

** If you send a valid 7.3 pump core in upfront (Before you order, not after you get the new pump) you get a $100 discount on list price.

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